Customer Service Report Template

Customer Service Report Template

Where did you see a Customer Service Report? Well, if you say I can’t recall, then you are not looking close enough. Our economy has shifted from product based to service based. Among-st the top 5 most valued public companies, none is product based. Remember, when you filled a feedback form about service of Gmail or G Drive last, or when Amazon asked you to give a feedback on its service? These all are different manifestations of Customer Service Report.

A Customer Service Report, preview above, elicits knowledge about how well the service was performed. It is also an indication of how much a company values the needs of a customer. Thus, when your customer is filling your Customer Service Report, the ease and essence, both will matter. Ease is how concise it is and not including queries which are unimportant to your Customer. Essence means how much life your report has. That is how lively your questions are to the customer. A perfect example is using emoticons in a feedback form. The Customer Service Report needs not be filled by your customer only. The service man or officer-in-charge can ask questions after performing the service and fill it by him, making the task less tedious for the customer.

Now the structure: always start with time. Was the task performed in a timely manner? Second, ask whether the customer is satisfied or not. Third, place some questions on the details of your service. Yes, the Customer Service Report Template, provided below, is mostly a questionnaire. Then you can have sections on suggestions or reporting any queer incident during the service. Always provide email contacts at the end for future feedback’s. This gives customer the satisfaction that the Customer Service Report is not just a formality. Also, if the report is going to the senior people, then try to get crucial information from the customers as well.

Here is the preview for Customer Services Report Template:

Customer Service Report Design

You can download the free MS Excel Customer Service Report Template from the link given below. You can easily download and customize this template according to your requisites.


Daily Customers Sales Report Template:

The validity also increases when you develop a report on daily basis. Daily Customer Sales Report Template is created specifically to overcome that problem. It provides all the essentials like company’s name, its product, quantity and the amount of transaction. Below you can see the template for Daily Customer Service Sales Report Template along with it s download link. Here, again, it is easily editable and printable template format to help you facilitate as much as possible.


You can download the free MS Excel Daily Customers Sales Report Template from the link given below:


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